The FinForensic Group- Financial Forensic Investigations, Inc.

A Financial Investigation Company

Discovery is our Business...

FINFORENSIC, INC. d/b/a THE FINFORENSIC GROUP is a financial forensic investigation firm offering broad range of services that utilizes expertise in forensic examination , fraud investigations and unique and specialized techniques to analyze and detect unlawful financial related activity including, but not limited, to  fraud public corruption   and other unlawful conduct.

Our clients include attorneys, insurance companies, private and public businesses, government contractors and individual consumers.
Investigative Financial Consulting

Our team combines forensic analysis skills and specialized fraud expertise with the ability to connect the dots, pay close attention to detail and the tenacity to follow the evidence wherever it may lead with a big picture vision and an eye toward litigation in uncovering and documenting admissible evidence through our unique fact finding strategies and specialized tools extracting critical and actionable data through business analytics regarding evidence of unlawful conduct. Hence, our mantra: "Discovery is our Business".
Fraud Examination & Investigation​​​

Our team conducts investigations on allegations of fraud from inception to disposition. The procedures, techniques and skills utilized provide effective fraud examination and investigation for the purpose of detecting fraudulent financial transactions, financial fraud schemes and other unlawful activities.

Procurement Fraud Detection
(for government contractors)

We conduct Forensic Bid Examinations for purposes of challenging/protesting a public bid by thoroughly examining, reviewing and verifying the content of information and representations made by contractors in bid documents and other publics sources in connection with public bid projects. We  also conduct Initial Compliance Evaluations ( ICE) and Independent Compliance Examinations where we thoroughly examine and review the corporate books and records of a public contractor and current information on file with various government agencies to avoid or mitigate the risks associated with another contractor or government body seeking to challenge/protest another public contractor's bid.  We also conduct  Pre-Bid Reviews t o eliminate inadvertent errors, omissions, misrepresentations and other inconsistencies and discrepancies submitted by a contractor prior to the opending of a public bid.

          NEW: COMING SPRING 2019  
   Government Contractor Rating!

Standout and distinguish your company from other contractors and become a Prequalified/Preferred Contractor with our firm, get rated and also receive a Certificate of Compliance and Performance that government agencies, surety companies and other insurance carriers may now prefer to better position your business in getting an edge and being awarded a public bid or obtaining public work.