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Government Contractor Rating!

A new affiliated business entity by the name of Public Contractors Association of NJ (PCAOFNJ.COM) will commence business as part of our expanded services which will target and serve public contractors as well as government agencies and surety companies throughout the State of New Jersey to help specifically combat public corruption and fraud as well as provide training, education, news and vital information to the business community in the public bidding forum. In addition, we will also be introducing a new rating system for public contractors called the CPR Rating which stands for Compliance, Performance & Risk Assessment (CPR). Through our CPR Rating, it will significantly mitigate the associated risks for government agencies, surety companies and public contractors.

Breathe fresh new air into your business and get a CPR to help combat fraud, collusion and public corruption and more importantly, position your company to be awarded more public bids or obtain public work.  Our aim is to be the "Gold Standard" in the public bidding arena by raising the standards of public contractors qualifications as to their Compliance and Performance programs while also enhancing the transparency, accountability, ethics and integrity of the procurement process for public contractors and government agencies.

The CPR Rating will provide an effective, measured and meaningful evaluation for government agencies and surety companies in the State of New Jersey designed to mitigate their own risk as part of a governing body's decision making process in formally awarding a government bid as well as for a surety company to better evaluate a contractor and any of its subcontractors before issuing bid/performance/payment bonds etc.. to a public contractor as well as other forms of insurance required by a government contractor such as workers compensation and property/liability insurance. For government agencies, it will provide additional pertinent information and discretion to further evaluate a contractor and compliance and performamce of its subcontractors in awarding a public bid.

A surety bond or surety is a promise by a surety or guarantor to pay one party (the obligee) a certain amount if a second party (the principal) fails to meet some obligation, such as fulfilling the terms of a contract. The surety bond protects the obligee against losses resulting from the principal's failure to meet the obligation. A surety bond is defined as a contract among at least (3) three parties:

the obligee: the party who is the recipient of an obligation
the principal: the primary party who will perform the contractual obligation
the surety: who assures the obligee that the principal can perform the task

Together, government agencies, surety companies and public contractors who subscribe and join the Public Contractors Association of NJ (PCAOFNJ.COM) can help combat and eradicate fraud and public corruption wherever it may exist in the public bidding arena. It also provides a platform for government/public officials  of a governing body to send a clear message to the public that they are Anti-Fraud and against Public Corruption.  For public contractors, it will help contractors identify areas in which they need to improve regarding compliance and performance and whether contractor is uable to meet our rigorous high professional standards. The critical information obtained as part of our Contractor CPR Rating will greatly improve the efficacy of the procurement process for each of the three parties.

We live in a different world today and with identiy theft, fraud, false claims, public corruption and collusion being insidious and rampant  and with safety and security being front and center on a global level, it is wise and a good business practice to determine whether in fact a contractor is legitimate, qualified and has been properly vetted by the way of a thorough evaluation and review and then rated accordingly based on various key factors in the compliance and perfornance areas utilizing professional standards to determine its risk assessment as to its compliance to various laws and applicable regulations related to public bidding and the key factors involving the performance record of a contractor and any of its subcontractors.

The day of reckoning is coming for corrupt contractors and government officials who may be conspiring to engage in fraud, collusion and public corruption. The playing field of the government procurement process in the State of New Jersey is in the midst of changing and public contractors and its subcontractors will soon be held to much higher standards.